Audience Polling Setup

Audience Polling enables facilitators/speakers to pose questions to attendees in a session. These questions can either be pre-populated, created on-the-fly, or created from Live Discussion comments or Submitted Questions.

This can be setup to achieve the following:

  1. Audience members to vote/poll on questions posed by the speaker
  2. Compare responses based on demographic data
  3. Compare responses at different times
  4. Attendees earn points

Audience Polling questions can be created in a number of formats such as multiple-choice, star rating and yes/no. Questions can be stored in the Audience Display Queue and asked at another time, or can be asked instantly.

Audience Polling questions and results can also be pushed to an Audience Display Screen and the attendee App, which both update in real time.


Setup Audience Polling

1) Create Schedule and Sessions

2) Make sessions interactive

3) Upload Audience Display Screen Holding Screen Image

4) Pre-populate Questions

5) Test

6) Reset Audience Polling Queue

6) Communication

7) Onsite Management